Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Day in the Life of Princess Presley

The day was bright and shining .. the sun was streaming through the tall towering trees.. the birds were singing .. the butterflies dancing and all was well with Princess Presley in the Kingdom of Sweetness and Beauty.

The Princess started her morning with a lovely walk across the forest where her pink tufted chair, sparkly chandelier, fresh red roses & her sweet sweet friend Betsey Bear were awaiting her.. 

Red Roses were Positively her favorite ...
you could say she Loved them

After her morning of sweet sweet dreams .. Presley decided that the trees and birds and butterflies and all the creatures of the forest needed a little music..
So she quietly tip toed into her little brick cottage and began to make music that delighted all...

All the living creatures were so delighted that they sent Betsey Bear to give the key to the forest to
Princess Presley...

 She was so full of joy from her head to her toes ..
that she jumped from her chair and in each hand held a rose"
here's one for you my great friend the trees
and another to share with the birds and the bees...

Presley dreamed a little more that afternoon sitting upon her Princess chair..

And all creatures of the forest wanted Presley to make more beautiful music and she excitedly obliged. She was wrapped in the sheer beauty of nature and all it's glory.

She Played for hours it seemed ...

when to her surprise ...

she noticed the time ...

away from her Piano Forte she dashed...

Leaving beautiful memories of her day behind..

On her way back to the Palace.. she happened upon the shiny glass house and tip toed inside .. finding the sheerest blanket with rose petals scattered upon it and the floor, with her love of roses she couldn't resist stopping for a minute and enjoying the all the beauty, it was so very enchanting...

a while later she found a sweet little plush velveteen chair and slowly crawled upon it and to her surprise it twirled .. just then she remembered time was running out .. and she was really needed at the palace she enjoyed one last look around the shiny glass house .. and then off she skipped with glee..

"It was a simply enchanting day in the Kingdom of Sweetness and Beauty," exclaimed..  Princess Presley .. "I think I shall have to do this again"

If you too have a Princess that resides in your palace.. be sure to contact us today so we can capture her day in the Kingdom of Sweetness and Beauty ..

These Lovely Photos of Sweet Little Presley were taken by Stevie Dee Photography
At the Wonderful Enchanting Humphreys Estates in Temecula California
Props/Styling provided by Touched by Time Vintage Rentals

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